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Digital Product: Personalized Subliminal

Digital Product: Personalized Subliminal

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What exactly are subliminals?
Subliminals (Latin pub = under, limen = threshold) are messages to the subconscious. With the aim of changing the underlying beliefs and reprogramming them into new, positive beliefs.

A subliminal contains spoken affirmations (positive sentences) that bypass your consciousness and penetrate directly into your subconscious. The affirmations are hidden in the music, just below our hearing level. In this case, “threshold” means “subthreshold” because the threshold to consciousness is not exceeded and the information (the underlying affirmations) does not penetrate the mind, which would examine it critically and possibly reject it.

The affirmations are “masked” or hidden by background music or noise. If repeated frequently, these become anchored in the subconscious as new beliefs. Our daily words, thoughts, feelings and actions form our reality. Reality is subjective and therefore dependent on our own perception. This perception is influenced by our words/beliefs or even our deepest convictions. So when people are dissatisfied in an area of ​​life or certain situations or do not receive what they would actually like to receive, the main reason is often their own monologue. So how they talk about these things/situations/areas of life etc., feel and what mental focus they devote to them. This is where the subliminals or the underlying affirmations come into play. Through affirmations we can manage to create new strands of thought and beliefs in our brain and subconscious. These in turn then influence our perception, but also our actions, feelings, etc. Thus, with affirmations and additional feeling and action, we can redefine our reality and manifest our goals. There is nothing that cannot be manifested/realized. Every person decides for themselves what they are convinced of or not.

How and when should I listen to my personalized subliminal?
There is no exact guideline for how often you should hear the subliminal. The only important thing is that you listen to it again and again, because the repetition ultimately means that the underlying affirmations in the subliminal become your conviction. A subliminal is not a meditation that requires sitting quietly and concentrating. You can listen to the subliminal whenever you feel comfortable with it and do other things while listening. However, you should be careful when driving a car or operating machines, as the subliminal contains frequencies from the alpha range. This is 528Hz. These alpha waves change your state of consciousness so that you relax - which is not entirely safe in traffic or when operating machines. If you follow the tips mentioned here, you will be on the perfect path to your desired “transformation”.

Please contact us immediately after purchase by email to and let us know your manifestation topic, stating your order number. Important: It's about ONE topic. We will contact you via email within 2-6 business days of your purchase and send you your personalized subliminal as a file. Please also check your spam folder as emails can end up there. We can only send you your personalized subliminal if we know what the topic is.

Digital products are intangible items or media that are sold and distributed online.
Please note: This subliminal does not replace a doctor's prescription and does not provide a guarantee. The effects of subliminals vary depending on the person and other factors.

By purchasing this digital product you agree to waive your 14 day right of withdrawal. If you do not agree to this, you cannot purchase the product.

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