About Us

Welcome to thespirituals. Our goal is to bring the unique beauty and healing properties of crystals into your life. With our minerals we want to convey that every person is unique, just like our healing stones are.

We believe that the environment around us can influence our energy and mood. How we feel alone at home, just as we feel in public. Our minerals fill your home with harmony, aesthetics, positive energy and serenity. We offer jewelry, decorative pieces, hand charms, raw stones and many other products to make the atmosphere in your home and around you magical. The focus here is on good quality. Since our founding, we have worked passionately to carefully select high quality crystals from around the world to offer our customers a diverse selection of products.

Tatjana, the founder of “thespirituals”, decided in mid-2021 to pass on her love and passion for spirituality, crystals and minerals to other people. The healing stones have changed her life in many positive ways. Our team is made up of professionals who share a deep love and appreciation for the fascinating world of crystals and spirituality. We believe in the transformative power of these natural treasures and want to help you discover their energy and beauty. No matter whether as stones, as jewelry close to the body, or as decorative pieces at home. The minerals have their effect in every respect.

At thespirituals we value quality, authenticity and the individual meaning of each crystal. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where you can not only find wonderful minerals, jewelry, freeforms and decorations, but also receive advice and information about the properties and uses of the different crystals.

We invite you to be inspired by the magic and enchantment of our crystals. Immerse yourself in our collections and discover how these timeless treasures can enrich and positively change your life.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to accompanying you on your own path with minerals and spirituality.


Your thespirituals Team