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PALO SANTO - sacred wood

PALO SANTO - sacred wood

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Experience the cleansing and calming power of Palo Santo wood, a sacred wood from South America. Palo Santo, translated as “holy wood,” is valued for its spiritual and energetic properties. It exudes a warm, sweet scent that creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Palo Santo effect:
Palo Santo is often used for rituals of cleansing, meditation and spiritual clearing. The smoke from the wood helps to dispel negative energies, cleanse the energy field and have a calming effect on the mind. It is also valued for its ability to promote clarity, reduce stress, and create a positive atmosphere.

Use of Palo Santo:
Hold a corner of the Palo Santo wood over a candle or lighter and let it smolder for a few seconds. When it starts to smoke, gently blow out the flame and let the smoke fill the room. You can also burn a piece of Palo Santo wood on a fireproof surface and direct the smoke with a feather or your hands to perform cleansing or create a meditative atmosphere.

Use Palo Santo for energetic cleansing rituals, meditation or to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Scope of delivery:
A pack of 7-10 pieces of Palo Santo wood
Length: approx. 10 cm

Please note: Any effectiveness is neither scientifically proven nor medically recognized. All information regarding effectiveness merely reflects our views and does not constitute instructions for therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense.

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