What are crystals & how do they work?

Healing stones have both a physical and a mental effect. Healing stones are minerals. They are many millions of years old and can be found everywhere on earth. Healing stones are said to have beneficial effects on the body, mind and soul. One considers the effect of crystals, such as the placebo effect. The placebo effect can be very powerful and activate or support the body's self-healing powers.

The energy of the healing stones:

Crystals are living vibration fields. When we bring them into our energy field, they do something. Atoms that form the crystal grids of the healing stones create certain vibrations that influence the body's own vibrations because everything is made of energy. In crystal healing, various characteristics play a role in the effect of stones. In addition to the crystal structure, this also includes the mineral class, the formation and the color.

How do you use healing stones and on which wrist do I wear my healing stone bracelets/bangles?

If you want to use it to relieve a physical ailment, it is best to place it on the corresponding part of the body, stick it to the area with a plaster or bring it close to that part of the body in some other way. If you want to work on your mental state, there are a variety of options. The healing stones can be worn as jewelry or simply in your pants or jacket pocket. You can also place stone circles, for example during mediation. Massages with the appropriate healing stones and healing stone water are also an option. In addition, the energy of gemstones varies depending on where they are worn on the body. Bracelets with stones have different effects on the body depending on which wrist you wear them on. The Left Hand: The left side of our body is considered the feminine and sensitive side. It deals with the inner self/inner life of a person. The feminine principle is all-encompassing, it contains and sustains all things. It is like a space, encompasses everything and allows full development. If you want to benefit from the beneficial energy of your chosen gemstones, wear your bracelet on the left side. The left hand supports relaxation, meditation, peace, harmony and wisdom. Bracelets with stones that support these abilities are well suited to be worn on the left hand. The right hand: The right side is assigned to the male principle. Masculine principle means being purposeful. This side is more connected to the outside world/environment and how you react to the outside world/act in the outside world. The masculine is the activity. It causes transformation and change. If you want to activate your energy, wear your bracelet on the right side. The right hand is brilliant for success, healing, physical strength and any action that energizes others. Any stone that enhances these properties is a great choice. However, you can decide for yourself where you want to wear a particular crystal based on the purpose you want from the stone. Different stones promote different properties.

Cleaning, unloading & charging healing stones:


Healing stones energetically cleanse and recharge: A guide for spiritual and energetic care:

Healing stones are not only beautiful companions, but are also often valued for their energetic properties and their effects. In order to use the full power and positive energy of these healing stones, it is important to cleanse and recharge them energetically on a regular basis. In this blog post we will introduce you to various methods on how you can energetically cleanse and charge your healing stones in order to feel their full effect. The energetic cleansing and charging of healing stones is essential to connect you energetically with your healing stones.

Why is it important to cleanse and charge healing stones?
Healing stones have the ability to store and absorb energies. When you wear a healing stone or place it in your environment, it can absorb not only positive but also negative energies. Over time, these energies accumulate in your healing stone, influencing the stone's own energy and impairing its effect, which we want to use for ourselves. By regularly cleaning and charging you can free your healing stone from unwanted energies and restore its energetic effect. Here you can choose a method for cleaning and a method for charging your healing stone:

Step 1: The energetic cleansing of healing stones:
Methods for Cleansing Healing Stones:

Pure water: Hold your healing stone under running, lukewarm water for approx. 30-60 seconds and visualize how all negative energies are washed away. Flowing waters from nature, such as springs, streams or rivers, are also well suited for this cleaning method. Proceed here in the same way as if you were to hold your healing stone under a tap. Then dry your healing stone with a towel. Please note: Crystal jewelry should not come into contact with water as many metals can oxidize in jewelry making and water can affect the shine and integrity of the jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets that are strung on threads should also not be cleaned with water as the thread could break. Instead, gently wipe jewelry made from healing stones with a damp cloth. Please also note that certain healing stones (e.g. pyrite, selenite) must not come into contact with water. Instead, use one of the other methods of energetic cleansing for these healing stones.

Salt bath: To do this, use a bowl made of clay, glass or porcelain. Then fill this bowl/bowl with salt. It's best to use sea or rock salt for this. Then place a slightly smaller bowl/bowl made of similar material as the first bowl/bowl on top of this salt. Place your healing stone in the second bowl/bowl for about 20 minutes. You can also leave out the 2nd bowl/bowl and place your healing stones directly in the bowl/bowl with salt. Please make sure that not every healing stone (e.g. pyrite, selenite, labradorite) can be placed directly on salt.

Smoke cleaning: Smoking is suitable for all types of stone. Hold your healing stone over the rising smoke of sacred wood such as sage, cedarwood or Palo Santo for approximately 30-60 seconds. Instead of holding your healing stone over the smoke, you can, for example, take your incense (sage, cedar wood or Palo Santo) and make circular movements (approx. 30-60 seconds) around your healing stone. The smoke cleanses the energy of the healing stone and brings it into a neutral state.

Sound bowl: This cleaning method is also suitable for all types of stone. Play sound bowls or other harmonic instruments near your healing stone. Place your healing stone in or next to a sound bowl or hold it above it. Strike the sound bowl several times or rub the clapper of the sound bowl on the edge of the sound bowl for a few minutes so that the vibrations of the sounds can absorb the adhesion of the healing stone. The vibrations can liberate and cleanse your healing stone energetically.

No matter which method of energetic cleansing you choose, it is important that after cleansing you briefly hold your healing stone in your hand and speak your intention (where your healing stone should support you) into the healing stone in order to connect with it energetically . You can either thank your healing stone with a sentence or ask it to attract a specific thing/situation/change etc. into your life with a sentence.

Step 2: The energetic charging of healing stones:
Methods for charging healing stones:

Sunlight: After energetic cleansing, place your healing stone in direct sunlight for about 30 minutes. The energy of sunlight can neutralize negative vibrations and thus charge your healing stone. Please make sure that not every healing stone (e.g. rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, tourmaline, aventurine) can be charged in sunlight, as some healing stones can fade or bleach in direct sunlight.

Moonlight: After energetic cleansing, place your healing stone on your windowsill, balcony, terrace or directly in the garden overnight. The next morning, preferably before sunrise, take your healing stone from the windowsill/balcony/terrace/garden. The energy of moonlight can also neutralize negative vibrations and thus charge your healing stone.

Grounding: After energetic cleansing, bury your healing stone in the earth for approx. 2-3 hours. This connects your healing stone with the energy of the earth and charges it energetically.

Clear Quartz crystal clusters: Clear quartz have the ability to amplify and neutralize energies and thus charge healing stones. After energetic cleansing, place your healing stone on a clear quartz cluster or in a bowl/bowl with clear quartz crystals to charge it energetically.

Meditation: Sit in a meditative position with your healing stone after energetic cleansing. Hold your healing stone in your hand or place it in front of you. Visualize the positive energy flowing into your healing stone and charging it. You can do this for about 5 minutes.

Body heat: Heat gives your healing stone new energy because this creates electromagnetic radiation with which your healing stone sends its own information to the environment. Hold your healing stone in your hands for about 1-2 minutes or rub your healing stone between your palms. Instead of rubbing, you can also blow on your healing stone in your hands. To do this, use short, sharp breaths.


Listen to your gut feeling and choose the methods that work best for you and your healing stone. By regularly cleaning and charging you can ensure that your healing stone can develop its full energetic power. The frequency of energetic cleansing and charging also happens quite intuitively, without a fixed, temporal rhythm.

Please note: Gemstones, healing stones, minerals and crystals are natural materials; Deviations in color and shape are therefore not a defect or a reason for complaint. Any effectiveness is neither scientifically proven nor medically recognized. All information regarding effectiveness merely reflects our views and does not constitute instructions for therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense. Gemstones, healing stones, minerals and crystals are not a substitute for medical help!

Can you wear too many crystals and how do you combine crystals?

Here we recommend paying particular attention to how your body feels. There is no rule as to how many crystals you should or can wear. If you wear too many for your energy body, you will notice. No matter which combination you choose, you will feel whether it is right for you or not. If combining crystals or carrying multiple crystals is not right for you, you will feel uncomfortable and sluggish. You will feel that something is not working. And then it's possible that you're either wearing too many crystals or the combination doesn't fit. In general, we recommend not combining crystals that have opposite effects. An example here would be carnelian and amethyst. The carnelian crystal amplifies a person's energy, while the amethyst calms the energy. Nevertheless, we always recommend paying attention to your own feelings.

How quickly do crystals work?

Your own perception of the effect of the minerals plays an important role. Your body and your mind quickly get used to the energy. Your healing stone should not be worn constantly. It is more effective if stimuli are given again and again. So put your healing stone aside for a few hours or days for his and your recovery. Because your healing stone not only releases its energy, but it also absorbs your energy in exchange. That's why it's essential to clean your healing stone regularly. You don't have to carry your stones with you at all times, but ideally when you want to fulfill your goal. For example: You get a citrine stone because you want to be successful in your job interview, then wear your citrine stone/bracelet/necklace etc. with you exactly for that job interview.

Can I wear/use any healing stone, even if it doesn't match my zodiac sign?

You can basically wear/use any healing stone. In the history of healing stones, there are different birthstones for each zodiac sign. It is said that the birthstones of the respective zodiac sign have a stronger effect than other stones. However, crystals are a matter of belief and therefore it is important, no matter which stone you wear/use, that you are convinced of the effect of the stone. So you don't necessarily have to follow the stones or birthstones for your zodiac sign and you can wear/use any stone without hesitation.


How do I prepare gemstone water?

Preparing gemstone water is a great way to transfer the power of the crystals directly into your body. Gemstone water has a long tradition that is used all over the world. Water with gemstones is energized and mineral enriched. The energized water is considered one of the most intensive methods of absorbing the effects of the stones. In contrast to laying on or wearing, the water works from within and penetrates deep into all layers of the body. Only non-metallic, untreated and tasteless crystals should be used for gemstone water. When buying water stones, you should make sure that the stones are untreated. Only raw stones are suitable for preparing gemstone water. Cut, polished, or tumbled stones may contain residues of grinding powder that you should not have in your drinking water. Before you prepare your gemstone water, you should boil the stones thoroughly and rinse and clean them under running water with a brush or similar. It is best to use still mineral water from glass bottles to make your gemstone water. Place the water stones at the bottom of a large glass carafe and pour fresh water over them. Of course, you can also prepare your gemstone water in a drinking glass. Leave the water covered with the stones for 2-3 hours and then enjoy the first sips. After 2-3 hours the structure of the water changes and it is completely processed. You can even notice this yourself: the many bubbles that formed during pouring gradually disappear. If the carafe/drinking glass is empty, you can simply add fresh water. You can drink the gemstone water in small sips throughout the day. Please note, however, that due to its intensive effect, energized water is not a drink to cover your fluid needs, but rather can be viewed as medicine. Dosing cautiously and trying to find out which stones are good for you. You can also use gemstone water externally by rubbing yourself with it. Approximately every 2 weeks you should clean the water stones very thoroughly with running water and a brush, if necessary boil them as limescale can form .

What if my crystal/crystal jewelry etc. is broken?

Of course it is unpleasant when minerals and crystals break and leave us. However, it is very important that we let it happen. When this happens, the stone has fulfilled its task and therefore its purpose. Of course, not every crystal or healing stone breaks sooner or later, some will stay with us for a lifetime, while others will go. Whenever they break, their purpose is fulfilled. They took something from you, healed something in you that was either already visibly there as an illness or illness or that began to develop subconsciously and did not need to manifest itself as an illness, for example. Thank the broken healing stone for being a companion at your side. It is best to take the broken healing stone to a place in nature and bury it in the ground, for example.

Please note: Gemstones, healing stones, minerals and crystals are natural materials; Deviations in color and shape are therefore not a defect or a reason for complaint. Any effectiveness is neither scientifically proven nor medically recognized. All information regarding effectiveness merely reflects our views and does not constitute instructions for therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense. Gemstones, healing stones, minerals and crystals are not a substitute for medical help!