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AMBER dog necklace - anti tick/flea protection

AMBER dog necklace - anti tick/flea protection

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Why amber?
By wearing the amber necklace, a slight static electricity (not noticeable by the dog) is built up in the dog's fur, which means that parasites can no longer find a hold on the hair and slip off. The contact between fur and amber creates a fine abrasion of terpene (the material of amber), which deters the parasites.

The dog chains are made from natural Baltic amber (not pressed).
They are rust and nickel free, making them skin-friendly.

The dog necklaces were carefully strung by hand. Thanks to the metal extension chain on the clasp, the chain can be individually adjusted to each dog. The metal clasp can be either silver or - contrary to the photo - gold.

The right size for your dog:
There are a total of 3 different sizes to choose from:
Neck circumference approx. 22 - 40cm (size S)
Neck circumference approx . 32 - 50cm (size M)
Neck circumference approx . 50 - 68cm (size L)

Attention: The strap does not replace a normal leash and is only intended to be used additionally on your dog. Please make sure that the amber necklace fits snugly around your dog's neck, but of course does not hinder his breathing. The ideal length of the necklace for your dog is if you can slide one or two fingers between the amber necklace and your dog's neck. If the neck circumference is between two sizes, please order the larger size.

Your dog’s safety is our top priority. That's why all of our chains are equipped with a predetermined breaking point so that they break if your dog gets caught on something to prevent strangulation!

The amber in our amber necklaces for dogs is a purely natural product. The different colors of amber are an indicator of the naturalness of the stones. The color of the amber necklaces can vary between golden yellow, white yellow and brown yellow depending on availability. The amber necklace does not replace a visit to the vet or treatment.

In order to test the effect, the dog and the owner need patience, because according to most manufacturers, an amber necklace for dogs develops its full effect after about 2-3 weeks.

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