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Digital product: 25 affirmations for your manifestation

Digital product: 25 affirmations for your manifestation

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Are you looking for powerful, positive affirmations for your manifestation but unsure how to phrase them? You've come to the right place! We support you in finding the right affirmations. You will also receive short instructions on how to use it optimally so that its effect can unfold!

Our daily words, thoughts, feelings and actions shape our reality. Reality is subjective and depends on our individual perception. This perception is significantly influenced by our words, beliefs and deepest convictions. If there is dissatisfaction in an area of ​​life or in certain situations or if achieving certain goals seems difficult, this is often due to inner dialogue. It's about how we talk, feel and give mental focus to these things, situations or areas of life. This is where affirmations come into play. They establish new ways of thinking and beliefs in our brain and subconscious. These in turn influence our perception, our actions and our feelings. Thus, with the help of affirmations we can reshape our reality and manifest our goals. There is nothing we cannot manifest or achieve. Every person decides for themselves what they believe in.

Please contact us immediately after purchase by email to and let us know your manifestation topic, stating your order number. Important: It's about ONE topic. We will contact you via email within 2-6 business days of your purchase and send you your 25 affirmations as a PDF file. Please also check your spam folder as emails can end up there. We can only send you the affirmations if we know what the topic is.

Digital products are intangible items or media that are sold and distributed online.
Please note: These affirmations do not replace a doctor's prescription and do not provide a guarantee. The effects of affirmations vary depending on the person and other factors.

By purchasing this digital product you agree to waive your 14 day right of withdrawal. If you do not agree to this, you cannot purchase the product.

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